DR Auto Sales in Glendale AZ is known for its very shady business practices. As you can see above they are selling aboslute junk cars that will break down on you within the same month of buying the car. A car is not cheap it's something you want to last for years and years. They have been leaving their customers in the dust selling cars "as is" just like they buy from the auction. Cars are not inspected by an ASE certified mechanic because they don't have one in fact if it drives down the street its ready for sale is their motto. If you've been fooled and attracted by one of their $500 down ads stay far away because they can't legally sell you a car for $500 down since they use banks. Yes they are not a buy here pay here they use banks. DR Auto Sales in Glendale AZ is the place to go if you want to rent a car for a month and have it reposessed or have your transmission go out the same day. 

Stay very far away from this dealership and other dealerships that use this business model. 


If you want to get a good reliable car from a company that can actually sell you a car for $500 down goto Drive Now or Auto Action which is directly across the street. Auto Action is their own bank which means they have an interest in keeping their cars good and running and can actually legally sell you cars for $500 down since they do their financing in house. Places like DR Auto Sales will run your credit several times through lenders which will hurt your credit score. Auto Action has the ability to say yes or no on the spot since they use their own money to finance you.

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